The Online Appointment Scheduler is available for our registered patients only. While logged in you have the following options:

Warning! JavaScript is turned off in your browser.
If you want to log in to the Appointment Scheduler, please allow launching of JavaScript.

I've forgotten my password


If you have forgotten your access password, you can use this form to reset the password. Please type in your login email and click the Get New Password button. A password reset email will be sent to you, immediately.

I'm not able to log in


Unable to log in to our Appointment Scheduler? Here are the possible reasons:

You are not registered at our office

Our Online Appointment Scheduler is available for the registered clients (patients) only. If you are registered at our pediatric office but haven't got access data, please contact us for help.

You type in an incorrect email address

To access our Appointment Scheduler you have to use your contact email address registered at our office. If you don't recall, which one is it, please contact us for help.

You type in an incorrect password

Please make sure you type correctly your paasword. You can see the inserted password by clicking on the Eye icon above the input field. Common issues are capslock is turned on by accident, other language of keyboard is selected or numerical keyboard is turned off.

JavaScript is turned off on your browser

To log in to Appointment Scheduler, you will need to have JavaScript enabled on your browser. There is a red warning displayed on the login page if Javascript is turned off.

Still need help? Please contact us.